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The WHY:  Tired of increasingly 'rashy' reactions to expensive 'hypoallergenic' products, I began formulating my own.

Soon I offered them to others and now CapriDerma is my own brand of highest quality personal care products, made from pure natural ingredients, botanicals, and raw goat milk from my own mixed herd of la Mancha, Nubian, and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

That's not where we started though. CapriDerma is only part of the operation at Fair Hill Farm.    

I did not grow up in a farm family. Continuous learning is an ongoing, challenging, wonderful journey.

I started with illegal suburban backyard chickens in 2008, started looking for a farm in 2011.

The dream came true in 2013.  I've been at it ever since, 365 days a year. 

My skin problems vanished entirely as I threw away all my other commercial products. We heard similar stories from customer after customer.  So we added more goats and started to build the goat-milk-skincare business in earnest. 

So this story is really just getting started. And it's for anyone who wants to get into farming. Just do it. Now is the time. 

Too old? Don't know where to start?  Pffth. You're not too old. 

I started in my 40s! If you start small and keep going you'll get there.

(That's what we do at Fair Hill Farm - we help with that!

Most importantly, I love to work with customers directly; you've made me great at what I do.

I listen to what you want. I solicit your advice and criticism. You've helped me to develop top-tier products. This has inspired me to do more, learn more, and endure through self doubt, bad weather, predators, and economic setbacks. Farming is a love and a calling. 

Here's to many more years together. Cheers!

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